Thursday, September 17, 2009

Paint Pots!

For my first post I decided to play it safe and just do swatches of some Mac Paint Pots:) Blackground is my favorite one, use it under any eyeshadow to make it more intense.
From left to right: Blackground, Delft, Rubeneque, Constructivist, Green Stroke, Bare Study, Mauvisim paint, Groundwork, L'oreal Hip in Nervy, L'oreal Hip in Secretive.

Without flash:

With Flash:


  1. Good choice for your first post. ;) I have the most of the MAC paint pots also. From wich collection is Mauvism paint? That is gorgeous color.

  2. hi!

    i love pantipots but they are all more expensive than the shadows.

    great color btw!

  3. Love them!! The blue one is very pretty!!


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