Friday, September 25, 2009

My Top Ten Products:)

My Top Ten Favorite Products I'm Using Right Now:

1. Mac's Petting Pink Tinted Lip Conditioner~ My FAVORITE lip product, it gets my lips feeling smooth while added a pretty pink color, if they ever discontinued this I would buy a million backups.

2. Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel~ Clears my skin overnight, evens my skin tone without drying out my skin, what else could a girl ask for?

3. Mac Myth Lipstick~ I have pretty pigmented lips so in order to wear pretty much any lip color I have to use this as a base, I go through these like crazy!

4. Cargo Bronzer in Medium~ I have a bad habit of hitting the pan on items and then never using them again, I've had this for 3 years but only used it for one so I'm pulling it back out and falling in love with it all over again. I've tried millions of other bronzers but this one is the perfect golden bronze that works the amazingly well with my NC30 skin.

5. Lancome Artliners in Star Studded and Prune~ I got these both for $9.99 each at TJ MAXX and they are worth every penny. Star Studded is a gorgeous golden brown color that I use for my everyday look and then Prune is a dark purple that looks almost black.

6. L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara~ Mac mascaras irritate my eyes so I stick with drugstore mascaras because I feel they work just as well if not better. This is my favorite day mascara and Max Factor 2000 calories waterproof is my favorite night out mascara.

7. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Dual Action Instant Bronzer and Self-Tanning Lotion~ Ever since I stopped tanning I've needed the perfect facial tanner and this is it. It doesn't last very long, at the most 2-3 days but I use it every other day.

8. Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural~ I have to mix these two together because Medium is too light but Medium Plus is too dark. When I'm having a good skin day (which has been every day since using the Dermalogica Clearing Gel) I just use a little concealer under this and my skin looks amazing. When I have a bad skin day I use Studio Fix fluid or Powder, I love them both!

9. ELF's Kabuki Face Brush~ This is the one from the new Studio line, I've heard bad things about the other one so I recommend buying this one. I bought all of the brushes from the Studio line during their 75% off sale and I am so pleased! I love the kabuki, the powder, and blush brush the most. This is seriously the softest Kabuki I've used way softer than the Mac one that almost hurts to use.

10. Blunt, Chopper, and Twice Baked from the Urban Decay Skull Palette~ The bottom three colors are my new love, they create the perfect day look. Usually I hate Urban Decay eye shadows because of how glittery they are (like Midnight Cowboy Rides again, total glitter overload) but these ones don't have that much glitter so their safe to use during the day.

So those are my top ten products I'm loving at the moment, they seem to change daily so I'll update this list maybe next week. What are your guys favorite products right now? I'm always wanting to try new things:)


  1. I love Urban Decay and MAC's MSF'S!

  2. I have been meaning to try the cargo bronzer b/c it is one of the few bronzers that offer no shimmer! Also need to try those artliners everyone is raving about..
    Voluminous didnt work for me, but I do love maybelline's full&soft WP mascara :)

  3. love this post! i agree i tend to like the less glittery eyeshadows from urban decay. when they dont have much glitter in them they blend so much easier!

  4. I agree with the use of the lipstick to get a good base- I have really pigmented lips too which is why nudes work so well and dont make me look like death!x

  5. lol i love that your fav. products actually show sign of usage. i play favorites very often, but i NEVER finish any of my makeup.

    i love the artliners! i, unfortunately paid full price for them during lancome's holiday collection 2 years ago... i saw them at TJ maxx too and i wanted to slap myself.

    thanks for visiting my blog~

  6. OH MY GOSH the dermalogica overnight clearing gel is hands down THE BEST!
    Clears my skin right up
    really cute blog
    now following :)

  7. MAC msfs are the best, it always makes my skin look so good x

  8. Great post! I'm looking for a new bronzer!

    Great blog, I'm following along! :)

  9. great post! love dermalogica products! thanks for sharing! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog . Please Follow mine as I will yours xo


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